5 Tips To Set and ACHIEVE Your Financial Goals in 2022

For most of us, setting a financial goal is the easy part – the hard part comes with execution and achieving that goal.

I work with businesses every day and a lot of what I do is guiding business owners to set financial targets that they will achieve. From the top line (revenue) all the way down to bottom line (profits).


Set and achieve your financial goals

To help you to set your financial goals for this year, here’s my top 5 tips, which if followed will ensure you have achieved every cent you have intended.


Review what you have achieved financially before

A great place to start when setting your goals is understanding what you have achieved before. This provides a basis to build upon and helps you to set realistic goals. Many people want to make huge jumps and while they can be accomplished, you need to BELIEVE you can achieve them. When making a goal, if you don’t actually believe you can achieve it, you will instead attract more of what you don’t want.


Make sure they are realistic & integrated with a beautiful life

Your goals need to be realistic to you, your life, and your business. We are working on creating a life we love as the number one priority and our financial goals need to be aligned with the image of a beautiful life. So, when you are setting your goals have a think about how they align with your ideal life. Are they supportive of that or are they in opposition to it? For example, if you want to double your income and cut down your work hours, can you achieve this? Where there is a will there is a way, but your ‘will’ needs to align with the work you need to do to achieve your next goal.


Make a plan

Plan plan plan! Anything in life can be achieved but you need a roadmap of the ‘how’. When it comes to financial goals, a forecast will provide this plan. It will show you how many hours you need to work, the costs involved and from there you create your to do list.

When I create my to do list, I like to make sure it includes both big tasks for the days I am motivated and small tasks for the days when everything feels too much. You want to keep momentum going and you can do this by doing small amounts regularly.


Create an empowering money practice to help you keep believing

Empowerment practices are a mediation practice where you focus on times when you have felt abundant. I like to select 3 memories to focus on. These memories don’t need to be winning the lottery or anything major, it can be as small as finding $5 when you were little. The most important aspect is selecting things that evoke a feeling of abundance, so you are in a receiving state constantly. When you connect into this state regularly it will become a habit to feel good about money, which in turn leads you to greater physical manifestations of wealth.

Once you have created the practice I encourage you to do it every morning for at least 21 days.


Make feeling good your priority

I have been listening to Abraham Hicks a lot recently and I love the messages that come through. Pretty much every message is ‘find a place of satisfaction and feeling good.’ This place doesn’t always have to relate to your financial goal, it is about reaching for the best thought you can find. So, when you are stressed about money it won’t always be easy to find a good feeling thought about money. If this is the case, find a good thought about your work, your clients or your life. I like to use client testimonials as they relate to my work and remind me of what I have done and the satisfaction I have brought into others’ lives. Another great tool is affirmations- just listening to a track of affirmations will help realign your subconscious mind to what you desire (have you checked out my free affirmation download? You can find it here).

I love helping Women achieve their financial goals and am here to support you to achieve your new financial reality. If you want to amplify your ability to attract abundance, understand your finances and create a life you love – book in a free call today to learn more. 

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