The finances are the heart of your business and money is the blood.

We need the heart to be healthy and the blood to keep flowing in order to be able to achieve the goals of the body; your business, your purpose, the reason you got into business in the first place.


My purpose is to give and to guide. I want women in business to have the financial knowledge they need to run an efficient and enjoyable business. 

I get passionate when I see potential. I see what that business could be, the weight that can be lifted from the owners’ shoulders, the people they can reach with their services. I see lives changing and smiles forming.

I am a Chartered Accountant and I have over 10 years of experience in the


I work with clients big and small because I believe we all have the right to do the work we love. When we have healthy profits it provides the opportunity to expand our purpose. To reach more lives, to better the world. 

I see accounting work as the practical side we need to do in order to create abundance, there is however the emotional side that also needs to be enlivened. If we don’t update and align our thoughts and beliefs there is little chance of success.

This is why I combine getting to know your numbers with abundance mindset training.

I am training in the tradition of yoga and use these philosophies to ensure at an energetic level you are attracting what you truly want.


What we think becomes reality. If we have an incredible finance strategy for our business but don’t actually believe we deserve to earn that money, you can guarantee your goals will be very difficult to achieve.


I want to make sure the women I work with are setting goals that align with the reason they got into business and sees them doing the work they love. It isn’t about what others are doing or happy and comfortable with, it is about you, my dear, and what you want.

I want to create a world where money is beautiful.

A place where it is used for the betterment
of you, your family, the community

And The World.


In my spare time, I work with TreeProject, an organisation whose mission is to revegetate Victoria and create social connections between urban and country folk. I am the president and I took this volunteer position to ensure I am part of the change I want to see. 

If you love trees we’d love any help you might be able to give, it could be a few dollars, your time or just our name being mentioned to your friends. As our previous president would say, thanks a mountain, covered in trees of course x

Find out more about TreeProject via the button below.