I offer one-on-one coaching for women in business who are ready to clear their financial stress in the most personalised format available.


Your coach is Stephanie Menere.

Over 6 weeks you will have a tailored training program that will see you reaching goals you didn’t expect to achieve.

My approach is supportive. i combine business advice with mindset exercises so that you feel good while doing business. 

I started my business because I saw a worrying trend. Talented, inspired women growing their creative and innovative businesses to a point where they were drowning in their financial worries. I saw women losing their passion because of the stress of keeping on top of their financial obligations.

I enable women to get back to the work they love through automated and understandable financial strategy, so they can Make Money Beautiful.

I am a cash flow specialist and I have helped many businesses realise their financial goals and free themselves of financial stress. I do this by analysing business performance and implementing improvements that make create lasting impact.

The key areas I advise on include;

  • Cash management
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Business strategy
  • Money mindset coaching

Each session will help you improve your relationship with money and improve the financial performance of your business. I will work with you to ensure you are achieving your dreams, in business and in life.

I have worked with many traditional businesses and those which are led with heart. 

I combine the best of the two worlds so that you learn how to Make Money Beautiful in a way that makes your heart sing.

My typical clients include women who feel they are working hard but not getting where they want to be financially. Some are tracking along well when it comes to the execution of their work, but know there is a huge, terrifyingly dark hole when it comes to the business finances.


The main goal for every one of my clients is to have a business that supports them financially with ease and this is one thing you can guarantee you will take away from the 6 weeks with me.