How to Manifest $3,000 in your Business this month

Do you want to learn how to manifest money into your business, but are not sure where to begin?

I have the perfect solution – Join my Free Manifesting Workshop…

This exclusive interactive training session includes my tips and tricks on how to manifest money in your business, with the opportunity to put these into practice, and a Q&A session to conclude.

In the workshop, You will learn:

  1. My easy 5 step process to manifesting anything you desire 

  2. How to set a goal that you will achieve 

  3.  The steps you need to take each day – bite size pieces you can do without setting aside hours and hours
  4.  How to clear resistance – if you have tried manifesting before and haven’t seen results it’s probably because of resistance. I’ll teach you how to clear resistance and get aligned with your desires
  5.  How to keep yourself on track – we all fall off the wagon sometimes but it is how quickly you can pick yourself up that matters.

Plus an extra bonus… my daily tapping practice guide!

Hello! I'm Stephanie..

A Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of experience and my passion lies in guiding women (and those who identify as women) to more abundant and joyful businesses.

I do this by combining my practical accounting knowledge and energetic practices. 

A healthy relationship with money = an abundant business. 

I want to guide you through your business journey and offer you support along the way. We all deserve a free and prosperous life, and the first step to this is to learn how to manifest to ensure you’re getting the most out of your business.

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What you will need for the session

  1. A clear idea of where you’re currently at with your income – approximately how much you are charging to your customers each month
  2.  A journal 
  3.  An open mind 
  4. A big dose of commitment!