Check out these AWESOME Podcasts!

Have you seen me on any of these podcasts? I am so passionate about mindfulness and manifesting in order to reach your business goals and financial desires, which is why I have joined some of these amazing women who are inspiring people just like you to reach their goals.

I absolutely love sharing my knowledge with you all, so please take a listen to them! I would love for you to tell me your thoughts, so feel free to message me on Instagram (@penny_school) so we can have a chat about them!

Podcast with Sarah J Cross

I chatted with Sarah to discuss how to help women like you run the business of their dreams through gaining financial knowledge and power! Click here to listen.

Podcast with Claire Marwick

On Claire’s podcast we discussed how to take the time for yourself to avoid burnout whilst running your business. This is a topic i am very passionate about to make sure to give it a listen!

Podcast with Vari McGaan

On the Courage and Career podcast, I chatted with Vari about how to set financial goals and how to work towards abundant success to gain financial freedom. Listen now!

Podcast with Nicole Smith

On Nicole’s podcast we discussed the importance of financial forecasting and the struggles and stresses that sometimes come with staying on top of your finances. It is a very important topic that I encourage you to listen to here.

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Sarah (Products to profits):

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Claire (Real-Life Business):

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Vari (The Courage & Career show):

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Nicole (Take Control with Nicole):

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