My Secrets to Manifesting like a Queen

I started manifesting before I knew it was called manifesting. I would set my sights on something, add in a few steps (that I will tell you about below), and it would appear. Just like that.

Whether you are new to manifesting or not, I can guarantee you have done it at some point in your life. The purpose of learning more about manifesting is to be more deliberate about what is coming to you.

So, let’s dive right into my step-by-step process!

1- Decide what you want

When you are driving, the first thing you need to know is where you are going to, and it is no different with manifesting.

What is it that you want to manifest? A new job, a new client, a specific amount of money? Notice I said specific amount, get specific with what you want. If it is a new client, what type of client? How much do they pay you? What are they like?

Spend some time writing out what you want in long form, just allowing it all to come out. Then go back through the long form and pick out the key points, you want to select a maximum of 4 points.

I’ll give you an example from the last job I manifested:

  • Earn $1,200 p/week
  • Work 20hrs per week
  • Management accounting role

I had thought lots about what I wanted, I journaled about it and I narrowed it down to the above 3 points.

2- Write it down

Whilst you can start with thinking about what you want, there is nothing more powerful than writing down your goal. It is best to use paper and a pen as studies have shown we remember better when using paper and pen.

The more times you write it, the more ‘stuck’ it will be in your mind.

3- Put it somewhere you will see it

Now that you have written down your points, put them somewhere you will see them often. When I manifested the last job I had, I pinned it to a cork board that I walked past to go in and out of my bedroom. That means that multiple times a day I would see the image, be reminded and visualise.

4- Visualise

Visualising is all about feeling what it would be like to achieve your manifested desire. Key word here being feel. It isn’t about thinking, it is about that full body feeling. Close your eyes and see yourself achieving your goal, then relish in the feelings that accomplishment brings. Allow yourself to sit with these feelings for a while each day.

I recommend visualising after a meditation or empowerment practice.

5- Let It Go

If you have been on the manifesting train for a while, you would have heard everyone say ‘now just let it go’- annoying right? If you knew how to let it go, you would but it isn’t that easy!

I think of letting go as the letting go of the ‘how’. You don’t have to stop thinking about what you want, or that you believe you deserve it, instead stop thinking about how it will happen. The ‘how’ is none of your business, that is the universes job.

Each time you look at or think of your goal and worry about how it will occur, take a deep breath and remind yourself ‘the how is not my problem, I align with abundance’. It may not happen the first time, but don’t give up, keep replacing the thought of ‘you can’t’ with the thought above. Slowly your brain will be retrained, and you will find what you have been manifesting has appeared!

6- Super-charge with complementary tools

I am all about adding in other practices to super-charge the manifesting process. There are so many tools available to you and some of my favourites are:

  • EFT Tapping
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Empowerment practices
  • Journaling
  • Visualising

Now that you have the steps, all you need to do is IMPLEMENT. The only reason my methods don’t work is that they haven’t been implemented. Please do yourself and your business a favour and make sure the steps above are executed.

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You’ve got this beautiful.

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