Welcome to Penny School

Penny School is a place for budding and experienced entrepreneurs to learn about the finances of their business. It is for women who want a financial strategy that will create financial freedom.

It is a space where you enjoy gaining the knowledge you need to grow and succeed. It is a group of conscious business minds coming together to build each other up.

Penny School involves two elements; The bookkeeping Membership, Small Change Big Impact and Cashed Up, a course teaching financial strategy. 

The Bookkeeping Membership

Financial Strategy Training



Cashed Up – Financial Strategy training

In this course, you will learn how to set your pricing, create an abundant mindset and you will leave with a financial strategy that will ensure you achieve your financial goals.

It is for those who are ready to plan their financial future, take the reins and achieve everything they have ever dreamed of. This course focuses on budgeting and managing cash flow with a conscious heart. Three things that guarantee success in any business, big or small.

We use the numbers you have in your business and create a budget using tried and tested templates that you can use again and again as your business grows and develops. We go through how to monitor and adapt that budget to ensure those goals are met, then finish with how to review your numbers and make sure you are on track to achieve success.

a bookkeeping membership that focuses on how to do your bookkeeping, reviewing the numbers and getting a financial education.

The membership keeps you accountable and on top of your bookkeeping. Which means you can make great decisions, run a sound business and lose the financial stress.

It is for businesses who are currently or would like to use the accounting software Xero.



The monthly value of the membership is only 1 hour of outsourced bookkeeping (if you are lucky). So you could spend hundreds on outsourcing and not actually know the work is correct. Alternatively you can invest 5 hours of our time each month with me, know your numbers, save money and feel a whole lot of financial confidence!

Small Change, Big Impact begins with the little things, bookkeeping and knowing all the accounting terms. Then we move into the review stage, that is understanding what your numbers actually mean.

It is a space we come to support each other to step up, to believe, both in our businesses and in ourselves as the successful entrepreneurs that we are.