Release the outcome

The idea of sharing that I am currently working with my coach on romantic relationships makes me blush with embarrassment. My ego tells me I should know this stuff, it is natural, it is love, everyone will laugh at me if I say it out loud.
The way I feel about love, is the way many women feel about money. I saw this very clearly recently when I saw similarities in my experience of love and a client’s experience of money. 

For us both the lesson being, release the outcome

We often feel we are less or silly to not know things, ignorance is worn with shame. We expect ridicule as a response to openness or asking for information. Yet when we release the outcome, allow ourselves to take inspired action even though we could be rejected or it may not work, space is created to allow the unexpected to occur.

My experience of releasing the outcome happened recently. I had a crush on a guy at my local coffee shop.

Part of me wanted to talk to him, but majority of me was so frozen with fear that I couldn’t even ask him how his weekend was. I thought about it a lot, mulled it over in my mind and with my coach. Ultimately I knew that if I wanted a different outcome, I had to have different inputs. And one input I had never added to my love recipe was asking a guy out, especially not someone I would have to see again. 

So with a deep breath, one morning I put on my big girl boots and gave him my number. I was a bumbling mess, so stupidly nervous, but I did manage (just) to get the words out. I forgot to centre myself and find my feet, I just let the words spill out, knowing that as a first time it wouldn’t be perfect. 

I knew the first time would be the hardest and that I just had to start because until I did I could never improve. In the moment he said yes, but as the minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days, I realised he was not going to call. In those moments of waiting, at first I felt mortified, but slowly that mortification turned into indifference. I released the outcome. 

I breathed through each rise of anxiety and reminded myself that this was not a reflection of how worthy I was of love. 

After I saw him again for the first time, I realised I felt courageous. I felt strong. I had chosen to co-creating the type of life I wanted to live, to take action towards finding the type of guy I want to create a life with.

A week or so later a client came to me and said, I must still have some money blocks because no matter what I do I am not getting the results, I am not able to rely on my business. 

We went through what she was doing in her money practice, looked at pricing and where her customers were sitting in her sales funnel and made some tweaks. But I knew something was missing. I had seen her energetically begin to attract clients, they were flowing in and not all that long ago, she had opened herself to allow abundance to flow in so what had changed? 

As I did my morning practice one day, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and the situation she was in. In my meditation I kept having to draw my attention away from those thoughts and then in an instant of connection and clarity the penny dropped. 

I realised that when she was open to abundance and allowing herself to receive, she had a part time job and her partner was working full time. She had released the outcome because she could easily believe that money would flow in while she was working for someone else. 

Without her part time job, a pressure built, she needed a certain outcome. I immediately picked up the phone to discuss this with her, my advice, release the outcome. 

By releasing the outcome we also release the fear of the outcome not coming to fruition. Instead, we become focused on the journey, focused on creating new versions of ourselves. 

As we do this we realign our vibration with that of what we want, we are no longer held back by fear, instead we are propelled forward by bravery. Lifted by our lightened load as layers peel away. 

What outcome are you holding onto?

What do you need to release?

I believe that when it comes to creating a successful business it is 80% energetic alignment and 20% practice business knowledge. 

In the first session of my membership Small Change, Big Impact, I created an affirmation practice for my members. 

I want you to step to and be the person you came here to be so I am making this practice available to you too.

 Download it here, practice for 21 days and watch as you become more and more open to abundance.

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